Four Strand Closed Weave Braid

Closed Weave Unique Braided Wedding Rings

We weave this braid in three widths (3mm, 4mm, and 5.5mm) for different sized fingers. Below are the various metals and widths we offer for our Four Strand Closed Weave braid.

Picking Your Width

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made from different gauge strands and that will determine the overall size of your ring.


3.0mm 420C


For the lady who prefers a daintier ring, this tightly woven solid braid ring features four strands of gold or platinum wire woven into a closed weave design. An elegant ring in its own right, it also perfectly compliments our engagement rings. This is a slim ladies band and looks great on smaller fingers but is not recommended for larger sizes. All of our rings, with proper care, are meant to last a lifetime. Approximately 3mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 3-7.

4.0mm 418C


This closed weave braid ring features four strands of gold or platinum braided wire and is a perfect choice for a subtle yet slim look. It is a medium sized band and is stronger and heavier than our 420C. It is a great choice for men or women who prefer a thinner ring and is the perfect choice if you would like your rings crafted from the same braid. This sturdy ring, with proper care, is made to last a lifetime. Approximately 4mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 4-11.

5.5mm 416C


This ring is the thickest version of our four strand style. Stronger and heavier than our 418C it is perfect for larger hands and is not recommended for smaller hands as it may be too thick between the fingers. These rings are made from four very thick strands of gold or platinum wire braided in a closed weave design. This is a very sturdy ring that, with proper care, is made to last a lifetime. Approximately 5.5mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 10-16.

Customizing Your Ring



Add a Diamond!

1.) Add the braid you want from above (or any other braid you want from our site) to your cart

2.) Go to the DIAMOND PAGE and then choose your setting and diamond. We offer Bezel and Prong settings for our round diamonds and V-settings for our princess cut diamonds. Choose your diamond by clicking the "add to cart" button.

Todd can also set a diamond you already have, you can pick from our selection or he can hand-pick a diamond for you after a consultation. If needed, we can talk with you about diamond qualities, pricing and general diamond information. Combine different elements from different rings featured on our site to make your own unique creation. After ordering, Todd will hand select the perfect diamond for you.

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14k Yellow Gold

Ring Size:


18k Yellow Gold

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14k White Gold

Ring Size:



Ring Size:


14k White and Yellow Gold

Ring Size:


Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold

Ring Size:

Specialty Four Strand Open Weave Braids


14k Rose Gold

Ring Size:


This Picture (example): Side 'A' = Rose Gold Side 'B' = Yellow Gold

Custom Two Tone

Ring Size:
Two Strands Side 'A':
Two Strands Side 'B':

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