Handmade Braided Wedding Rings

Unique Wedding Rings by Artist Todd Alan™

EACH ring is COMPLETELY hand braided by artist Todd Alan™.


Braided tri tone wedding rings handmade in 14k golds.

Tri tone braided 14k gold wedding ring set.

Tri tone wedding bands hand woven by artist Todd Alan

Welcome to Our Online Ring Art Gallery

Chances are good that you have never seen wedding bands that are made quite like this before. Featured artist Todd Alan has developed a singular, unusual style that combines various techniques and processes gold-braided-wedding-ringsto create a style of jewelry that is unique, unusual, distinctive, durable, beautiful and rare. As the basis for his unique wedding rings, he braids round strands of precious metals and torch-fuses the ends of the rings together.

Celtic Wedding Rings -Todd studied Celtic knot work as an inspiration for his rings. Celtic knot work generally does not work in wire so he used this inspiration to create designs that would be reminiscent of a Celtic style, creating his own Celtic wedding bands.

Unlike mass produced wedding rings, which are cast from a mold, Todd Alan makes each ring one-at-a-time as they are ordered. The result is a lasting, unique and timeless piece of jewelry that is personal, and a delight to look at.

Just call or email us to see how we can make something special for you!

Join Us For Our Grand Opening and Masterpiece Unveiling

Do you live near Sarasota or will you be vacationing there in November? Come join us for our Grand Opening! Food and wine will be served as you have a chance to meet the artists featured in our store. Todd will also be unveiling his masterpiece 5 years in the making: a mermaid crown. Please join us, we would love to see you there!

November 9th, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Todd Alan Gallery

506 S. Pineapple Avenue

Sarasota, FL 34236

Email us at: todd@handwovenbands.com


Previously located in St. Armand’s Circle, the Todd Alan Gallery is having a grand opening at it’s new location 506 S. Pineapple Avenue in the historical district of Burns Court from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Saturday, November 9th.  

At 5:30 pm. Todd Alan will unveil his unique “Mermaid Crown”, made of gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones, inspired by the movement and color of the ocean.  Included in the gallery collection, are Todd Alan’s hand braided engagement rings and wedding bands, for which he is most famous. Only working with the finest metals, gemstones and diamonds he weaves intricate one-of-a-kind jewelry.  These pieces are intricate and reminiscent of vintage filigree hand-work with a contemporary expression.  

Featured artists, Eric Shupe, David Rhyne and Sheryl Shakinovsky, will also be present and their work, part of the gallery’s rotating display available for purchase.  Food and wine will be served throughout the evening. 
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We have many handcrafted braids. Click on a picture below to learn more about that braid. All rings can be created in different metals and sizes.

Cord of three wedding ring.Cord of Three

Five strand braided wedding ring.5 Strand Twist Weave

Six strand braided wedding ring.6 Strand Open Weave

Six strand braided wedding ring.6 Strand Closed Weave

Seven strand braided wedding ring.7 Strand Twist Weave

Eight strand braided wedding ring.8 Strand Closed Weave

Eight strand braided wedding ring.8 Strand Open Weave

Eight strand braided wedding ring.8 Strand Double Weave

Five strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.10 Strand Weave

Five strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.5 Strand Twist Weave with Outer Bands

Six strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.6 Strand Open Weave with Outer Bands

Six strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.6 Strand Closed Weave with Outer Bands

Eight strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.8 Strand Double Weave with Outer Bands

swirl-ring-14k-ring-artisticUnique Swirl Rings

Search by metal type, click below to see our braids in the different metals we offer.

14k yellow gold braided ring.14kYellow Gold

14k yellow gold braided ring.14k White Gold

14k yellow gold braided ring.Platinum

14k yellow gold braided ring.Two-Tone

14k yellow gold braided ring.Tri-Tone

14k yellow gold braided ring.14k Rose Gold


Come See Our Rings In Person

Come to our a gallery in Sarasota, Florida to see our entire selection of wedding rings. See all of Todd’s work in person including original pieces not featured online. We encourage you to call/email ahead to make sure we are open and able to meet with you. 941-217-4969.

Todd Alan Gallery

506 S. Pineapple Avenue

Sarasota, FL 34236

Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12:00am - 5:30pm.

Our location is under construction so call for an appointment.

We now an authorized Pino dealer with everything from his sketches to embellished prints.

Email us at: todd@handwovenbands.com


What We Do

Artist made diamond wedding ring set by artist Todd Alan.Jewelry Artist Todd Alan™ started making jewelry in 1986. Inspired by the patterns of nature, his unique and unusual art form has evolved into his signature style and each piece of jewelry is a miniature work of art. Online since 1998 when Todd started his web based store “Hand Woven Bands” Todd has handmade and shipped over 10,000 wedding rings to unique couples all over the world. His daughter, Lyra has been learning the family craft, she helps in the office by answering the phone and doing email correspondence. She also assists at the bench working one-on-one with her dad.

Click Here to learn more about Todd.


Platinum braided wedding rings handmade from the same braid.Unique Wedding Bands Woven From the Same Braid

If a couple chooses the same handmade style and width of ring, Todd can create both wedding rings from one long braided piece. For some, this represents two separate individuals who choose to weave their lives together. Many couples have told us that they incorporate this meaningful symbolism into their wedding ceremony. Please let us know when you place your order if you want both rings made from the same braid.

If you would like to know more about crafting two rings from one strand, please visit our Same Braid page.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning two caretFor many couples, it just would't be a wedding without a diamond engagement ring. Consult with Todd by phone or email to design your perfect diamond engagement ring.  Tell us your ideas and let Todd do his magic.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Create your own unique wedding rings by combining elements from different rings featured on this site. Most of our braided rings can be fitted with a diamond or other gemstone -- look around and get creative. Please visit our diamond wedding ring gallery for more inspiration.

Questions? Call us at (941) 217-4969


We understand that your wedding is an intense and personal occasion in your life. Feelings run strong and there can be many hectic details the closer you get to the wedding day.  We are committed to providing the courteous and friendly service you deserve to help your plans flow smoothly.  As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of treating our customers with the care and personalized service that they deserve.  Here are two of the many letters we have received from our customers in our twenty-eight years of service:

"My husband and I have wanted matching wedding bands for 27 years!  I realize the time frame in which we ordered our BEAUTIFUL matching bands was short.  You really have been our ANGEL by making our dream come true!  Our rings were under the tree before Christmas.  On Christmas Eve we usually open one gift before going to Candlelight service........needless to say we opened the rings and wore them  to church.  Everybody who has seen the rings are totally "blown away" by the beauty and craftsmanship.  All those friends and family were given your website to explore.  You have truly answered my greatest wish and we are thrilled with the rings.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts."index1



It is comfortable, elegant, dazzling and perfectly complements the diamond shape and size.

  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :)) My husband I could not imagine having more perfect wedding rings than the ones Todd Allan made for us. The spectacular craftsmanship and unique, dazzling designs are like none other. Even after working ten years in the high end jewelry business, I have not seen wedding bands that rival his. We are so grateful to have found a master craftsman. We had tried to design celtic knot rings, but the designers we found could not meet the complexity we sought. We are truly grateful to have Brilliant rings that honor our Love.Thank you Todd. Lindya and Tom"

 Click Here to visit our Customer Letters and Photos page

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Handmade completely wedding bands, unusual wedding rings, and handmade one-of-a-kind braided engagement ringsHandmade artisan tri tone wide wedding bands these are truly one of a kind rings.

We offer a 30-day risk free return policy

With Guaranteed Secure online ordering

These are artisan handmade wedding bands that you won't find anywhere else in the world

Our artisan wedding bands are handmade from the finest materials

index2International Service

We offer shipping to countries all over the world. We have customers in many European countries as well as in Australia and Africa. As long as your not in a hurry most shipping charges are $40 - $100.

Please check with your country's customs for additional import duty fees.

index6Recycling Scrap Gold

To help ease the cost of your new rings, trade in your scrap 10k and 14k gold as partial payment toward your total purchase. Use the value of those broken chains, single earrings and old jewelry to help you pay for something new!  Talk with us to see if this program can help your purchase of handcrafted jewelry from us. To learn more about this program, visit our Recycling Scrap Gold page.

Here Are A Few More of the Letters We've Received

Click Here for Wedding Ring Stories and Click Here for Customer Feedback

wedding-ring-stories-braided-ringsDear Todd,

When my husband lost his wedding band over a year ago we had no idea what we should do. Our original rings were very standard so we decided that we would do things differently this time and try to find matching wedding bands. We searched for months for “unique” bands, but every style looked manufactured and standard. We found your site on line and decided to take a chance and order rings. We were both reluctant at first and were worried about buying something so important without trying them on or even seeing the set. We have had our rings for a year now and we have not had one moment of regret! We absolutely love our rings and love that they were made just for us. They are special and unique and we are very pleased that we decided to try something unconventional. Thanks! We love our rings!

Jenn & Dave 

After great anticipation, I just received the two rings I ordered.  They're everything I hoped they'd be.  We found your website almost a year ago and thought about ordering rings, but put it off and then subsequently found another style we liked, having forgotten about Todd Allan Studios.  When the order we placed didn't work out (and here's a good place to say your customer service and attention to detail far surpasses other companies), I once again found these rings online and finally ordered them.  In short, these were the rings I should've ordered right off the bat.  They're beautiful, and to know that they're hand woven by an artist and crafted from the same braid makes them even more meaningful.

 Ordering from your studio has been absolutely pleasurable from step one.  Thanks for your help and thanks for the gorgeous rings.  They're a surprise for my partner and I'm sure she's going to love them as much as I do.



  Karen & I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.  We can't thank you enough for crafting our rings so quickly and getting them to us by Christmas.  

  We have been talking about rings for some time now and knew the minute we saw yours that these were the ones.  We opened them Christmas morning and this gift to each other was more than either could have imagined. 

  The pictures on your site truly do not do the items justice.  These rings are so beautifully made with an attention to detail that upon opening the box they literally took our breath away.  We are both thrilled as they are exactly what we were looking for and more than we hoped for.

  We wear them now as a sign of our commitment and love.  You put that same commitment and love into your jewelry and it shows in these wonderful pieces. You have a gift, and we thank you for sharing your gift with us.   

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season,

Missy & Karen

Dear Todd Alan, 

    I would like to thank you for the rings I ordered, (618vs and 818vs). They arrived just in time, and are exquisite. Not only do they fit, are comfortable, but are pieces of art. These rings are much more than jewelry.

    After a very difficult three months, I gave these rings to my boyfriend for his birthday. 

 "These two rings aren't about dreams for our future, or us as a couple. They celebrate five years of friendship, and a lifetime more to come. We have been friends for five years, through it all, no matter what has happened. We have made it through many hard times, often on nothing but our friendship. You are my best friend, and I can not imagine life without you, to confide in, to trust, to laugh and to cry with. So I tell you now, on your birthday, this friendship will have no end. It doesn't matter where we go, or what the future holds, together or not. The love we share is unconditional. So Happy Birthday, my love, my friend."

 Thank you for putting in the effort in each piece, it shows, and I was truly proud to be able to give him such a gift. 



The wedding date is two days away and I just now have a few moments to thank you for the wonderful rings.  They fit to the T and they are prettier than the pictures online show them to be.

I can't say thanks enough!

btw my soon to be hubby loves the feel of the rings, even though he has been married before he never found a ring that he would keep on his finger.  Now he has.

Todd Allen and his wonderfully helpful staff made sure our wedding day was perfect, just in the nick of time! With only a few short weeks left before our "spontaneous" wedding, we were thrilled to discover Todd Alan's handcrafted rings online. We wanted something unique and meaningful, and have better things to spend money on than a diamond! The beautiful braided design and their offer to create both rings out of one woven braid, "representing two separate individuals who choose to weave their lives together", clinched it for us.  So, with little time to spare, we chose what we thought were our ring sizes (having never been married before, neither of us had ever worn a ring on that finger) and placed our order. The beautiful rings came right away, less than a week before the big day, but they were both too big - way too big! We would have had to tape them on just to wear them during the ceremony! We wanted everything to be perfect, of course, and were terribly disappointed. We had a million other details to take care of, and we resigned ourselves to getting married without our rings, but we called Todd Alan's studio to see if there was anything we could do. He and his staff could not have been more helpful! They immediately made two new, properly sized rings for us, at no charge, and air shipped them out. Did we mention that they did all of this during the two weeks leading up to Christmas?! They told us to just put the two rings we had in the mail and not worry about a thing. The rings arrived just in time for us to catch the ferry to our island wedding spot and relax and enjoy our wonderful day! We are so grateful to Todd Alan and his staff and have two shining reminders of their kindness and extraordinary service. And we are so thrilled with the rings themselves that we are in the process of ordering duplicates so that we will never be without them. Much thanks to Todd Alan and his great staff for their invaluable contribution to our wedding day!

We just got our NEWLY  re-sized rings back yesterday and ....

             THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

They are just perfect!!  And you were SO prompt about sizing and getting them back to us!!  The whole purchase experience was just wonderful!!  Our friends cannot believe we bought them sight unseen online....but now that they've seen them....they asked for the web address, which we happily provided them with!!  My wife's been eyeing those matching bracelets......   :-)    Thanks again for your awesome professionalism!!!

Dear Todd,  Well, the rings worked. Since you got them to me so quickly I was able to completely surprise her. We both love them, intricate yet elegant in simplicity. Unique, but not overstated. We agree with your assertion that the rose and white gold look wonderful together. Thank you so much. I would (and will) recommend you to any of my friends who come into the market looking for bands.

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Todd Alan Braided wedding rings, artist made. 

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Learn More About Our Grand Opening and Masterpiece Unveiling

November 9th, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Todd Alan Gallery

506 S. Pineapple Avenue

Sarasota, FL 34236

On Saturday, November 9th at 5:00 pm. Todd Alan, owner and artist, opens the doors to the public of his new gallery at  506 S Pineapple Ave, Sarasota, Fl.   At his grand opening event, Todd Alan will unveil his “Mermaid Crown” created over 5 years consisting of gold, platinum and diamonds…a gemstone masterpiece demonstrating his unique artistry. The gallery is located at 506 S. Pineapple Avenue.


Previously in St. Armands Circle, Todd Alan has moved his gallery to Sarasota's historical district of Burns Court. Todd envisioned a store that reflects the ambience of a time of old hand-crafted artistry, signature of his fine jewelry works. He has spent the summer off-season designing and building by hand all the furniture and each wooden glass case creating a store that is a work of art in and of itself. 


The Grand Opening is open to all, locals and travelers alike to share the atmosphere during the Grand Opening festivities. Food and wine will be served from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  The evening will see the unveiling of Todd Alan’s mermaid crown at 5:30 pm. Other featured artists will be present through-out the evening. 


Owner of the gallery, Todd Alan, has been a jeweler for over 35 years, most-known for his hand-braided wedding bands and engagement rings. Since the launch of his website www.handwovenbands.com in 1999, Todd Alan has made over 16,000 braided rings, sold to couples worldwide. Only working with the finest metals and gemstones and diamonds, he weaves intricate one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces reminiscent of vintage filigree hand-work with a contemporary expression.  Todd Alan has spent his life perfecting his singular style which culminates in his masterpiece... A Mermaid Crown. 


Todd Alan is one of the finest gold weavers in the world.  His crown is a testament to the mastery of his art form.

He explains..."As a jeweler there seems no better challenge than to make a crown. I have made tiaras, cornets, and scepters in the past, however nothing of this scale or detail.  Why a mermaid crown? Because that is what I felt inspired to create. I have always had a fascination with mermaids and all things ocean. If a princess mermaid commissioned an elaborate crown from me this would be the finished piece. It just seemed to be the perfect fun idea to incorporate many of the different styles I have created over the decades. Swirls like waves and golden droplets mixed with gold cast coral adorned with gems and diamonds create an ocean expression."


The Gallery will also feature the works of Florida artists, Eric Shupe, David Rhyne and Sheryl Shakinovsky, all of whom will be present during the opening.


Eric Shupe, sculptor, who uses found material and silverware to craft human and animal form and is recognized worldwide for his incredible sculptor works. Three of his works are featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Shupe was exposed to different types of art everywhere they went, thanks to the influence and nurture of his father, Ed Shupe. While his father worked, Shupe practiced with scrap pieces of wood and a knife, carving his own creations. Thus began his lifelong love and appreciation for art. And now, years later Shupe has turned his focus towards pursuing his dream of sharing his unique sculptures with the world.


David Rhyne creates beautiful and intricate works known as Sailor’s Valentines. He is one of the most respected, decorated and well known artists featured at the annual Sanibel Shell Show. A graduate of Ringling School of Art, Rhyne began his journey making flowers and floral arrangements from shells before tackling the incredible intricate and painstaking world of Sailor’s Valentines. With an estimated time of 500 hours for every Valentine, it has become a full time job for both Rhyne and his wife Victoria, who assists him in their creation. Rhyne looks to the world for his inspiration finding ideas in everyday life and using them to craft mermaids, ships, butterflies and Victorian designs among so many others.


Sheryl Shakinovsky is an award-winning sculptor and portrait artist specializing in realistic portraits, figurative works and animals. Shakinovsky is an intuitive, predominantly self-taught artist always deeply fascinated by people, and their expressions, the human form and animals. She is intrigued by the flow, movement and fluidity of the figure, and, with proturature, those fleeting expressions that happen in an instant. With sculpture, the excitement of capturing every conceivable angle is a total joy and constant challenge that inspires and infuses her with ever-increasing energy and enthusiasm. Shakinovsky’s recent exhibitions include five consecutive years in New York, as well as many others over the years and she is an Elected Artist in Kent



The Finest Braided Wedding Rings In the World


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