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Braided tri tone wedding rings handmade in 14k golds.

Tri tone braided 14k gold wedding ring set.

Tri tone wedding bands hand woven by artist Todd Alan

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We have many handcrafted braids. Click on a picture below to learn more about that braid. All rings can be created in different metals and sizes.

Cord of three wedding ring.Cord of Three

Five strand braided wedding ring.5 Strand Twist Weave

Six strand braided wedding ring.6 Strand Open Weave

Seven strand braided wedding ring.7 Strand Twist Weave

Eight strand braided wedding ring.8 Strand Double Weave

Five strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.10 Strand Weave

Six strand braided wedding ring with outer rings.6 Strand Closed Weave with Outer Bands

swirlring14k1Unique Swirl Rings

Search by metal type, click below to see our braids in the different metals we offer.

14k yellow gold braided ring.14kYellow Gold

14k yellow gold braided ring.14k White Gold

14k yellow gold braided ring.Platinum

14k yellow gold braided ring.Two-Tone

14k yellow gold braided ring.Tri-Tone

14k yellow gold braided ring.14k Rose Gold



The Finest Braided Wedding Rings In the World