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The Process

Todd hand-pours gold, shaping it into rods. He then heats the gold to soften the metal.

Through a series of different drawplates, Todd pulls the softened metal into the custom round and square wire for the particular rings being made.


In this photo, Todd twists the pulled square wire to make the "rope-middle" used in many of his designs


The metal has to be annealed (heated) to give Todd the exact hardness he needs to work the wire by hand.


With almost thirty years of experience, Todd hand works the metal into all the different braids you see on this site. This takes an amazing amount of hand and finger strength. Todd has become a master of these intricate braids.


Todd then finishes the ends of the strands together using a very rare and difficult technique called fusing. This technique uses the same metal for bonding the seams as used in the creation of the braids. This creates a joining of metals that is much stronger and longer lasting then soldering.

With the skill from making thousands of rings, Todd files and shapes the seam until it blends into the braid, making it almost seamless


Understanding Our Code


Part 1: Number of Strands

(ex: 618VY = 6 strand)

3 = 3 strand 4 = 4 strand 5 = 5 strand 6 = 6 strand 8 = 8 strand 10 = 10 strand


Part 2: Gauge Wire

(ex: 618VY = 18 Gauge)

16 = 16 Gauge Wire 17 = 17 Gauge Wire 18 = 18 Gauge Wire 20 = 20 Gauge Wire 22 = 22 Gauge Wire 24 = 24 Gauge Wire


Part 3: Type of Braid

(ex: 618VY = Victorian Weave)

C=Closed Weave V=Victorian Weave T=Twist Weave D=Double Weave


Part 4: Type of Gold

(ex: 618VY = Yellow Gold)

Y=Yellow Gold R=Rose Gold W=White Gold P=Platinum TT=Tri-Tone YW=Yellow and White Gold PY=Platinum and Yellow Gold


RM = Rope Middle

(ex: RM618VY)


OB = Outer Bands

(ex: OB618VY)



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