Cleaning Supplies

Ensure the ring that last a lifetime shines forever

Klean Karats Fine Jewelry Cleaner

The Klean Karats Fine Jewelry Cleaner is sold in a 7.5oz container. It comes with a basket to soak your ring in and a little brush to get in between the braids. This cleaner is formulated to clean fine gold, silver and platinum jewelry. It is perfect for harder stones but should not be used on pearls or other porous gemstones.



Klean Karats Fine Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Klean Karats Fine Jewelry Polishing Cloth. Tested for years; possibly the best polishing cloth ever! Each cloth is bathed in a unique, patented, non-toxic formula that effectively cleans and protects your investment. This renews the shine on your gold, platinum and silver jewelry and helps keep it looking great longer.

Creates an effective anti-tarnish shield that helps maintain the shine and brilliance longer. This is a specially treated chamois cloth. It's about 8" x 8" in diamater.