Engagement/Wedding Ring Sets

Introcucing our new Cord of Three™ engagment/wedding band sets

This set features two of our Cord of Three™ with Outer Band style. This set is woven with very fine strands, making thin yet sturdy rings perfect for an engagement/wedding ring set.



Our Brand New Cord of Three™ Engagement Set

This set includes the two matching braided rings. Choose your diamond seperately.

If you like our Cord of Three but would be intersted in wearing two rings on one hand, this is the perfect choice for you. These rings have all the same options as the original cord of three ring. Including ROPE or SMOOTH God strand and all the metal choices. To see our original cord of three rings you can CLICK HERE. For more diamond options scroll to bottom of page or contact us!

His Ring Standard 6.5mm Ring to Match Her Engagement Set

This ring comes with standard round outer bands. To upgrade to square outer bands please choose the MATCHING metal as your original outer bands. (ex: Platinum Round Outer Bands -> Platinum Square Outer Bands)

To Upgrade To Square Please Add Both The RING you designed and the matching Square Outer Bands to Cart

Information About Customizing Your Ring



With Standard God Strand

Other Diamond Options for Your Engagement Set

In House Diamond Specials.

These are very nice diamonds at very very good prices that Todd has handpicked as Aprils diamond specials. 10% coupon code does not apply. These diamonds are in stock and ready to ship or set in rings.

Bezel Setting

For Round Stones

bezel-setting-roundBezel settings are the most secure settings, if you feel you are rough on jewelry or are very active with your hands, this may be the best option for you.

Prong Setting

For Round Stones

prong-setting-roundStandard six prong settings are the classic way to have your stones set. Unless we are instructed otherwise we set our moissanites lower and closer to the band.

V Setting

For Squre Stones

v-setting-princess-cutThis is the setting we prefer to use with our square stones. This setting protects the corners of the moissanite while allowing it to truly shine.



The Finest Braided Wedding Rings In the World