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Mother's Ring

The latest addition to Todd’s collection, already becoming one of the most popular. Instead of braiding, Todd takes fine strands of gold and hand swirls them into what some see as waves others see as just beautiful swirls. Unlike many of Todd’s other designs each swirl ring comes out a little different, making each one a one-of-a-kind original piece of art.

Do you have a strong vision for your ring and want a direct hand in its creation? Do you have scrap gold to trade in or incorporate into your ring? Do you have heirloom diamonds or gemstones you want Todd to use? Do you have a unique type of stone or cut you want to use in your ring? Then please call or email us so we can set up a consultation and get you a custom quote. If you would like to play, experiment or if you want to let Todd take over, fill out our form below to give him an idea or what you want. We will be in touch with you before your ring is made to ensure he captures your vision. To call to set up an appointment with Todd please call 941-217-4969 or email

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Mother's Swirl Necklace

For the woman who gave you everything; give her a completely one of a kind, handmade custom ring that tells your family's story. The swirls within each ring are interconnected, much like the branches in a family tree: add birthstones to represent the members of your family or choose her favorite colors and let her know just how much she means to you.You can add up to 6 gemstones, call if you need to add more. The creation of each ring is an involved process that causes each ring to come out completely and uniquely different. Because of the unique way in which they are made, each and every piece will be its own individual creation; it is a fine piece of art with no other like it in the world - just like her. If there is a particular order you want the stones let us know otherwise Todd will just put the stones where he thinks they will look best.








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