Creating a Completely Unique Mother's Ring

For the woman who gave you everything; give her a completely one of a kind, handmade custom ring that tells your family's story. The swirls within each ring are interconnected, much like the branches in a family tree: add birthstones to represent the members of your family or choose her favorite colors and let her know just how much she means to you. The creation of each ring is an involved process that causes each ring to come out completely and uniquely different. Because of the unique way in which they are made, each and every piece will be its own individual creation; it is a fine piece of art with no other like it in the world - just like her.

Give her a ring that will last as long as the memories it represents.




The latest addition to Todd’s collection, already becoming one of the most popular. Instead of braiding, Todd takes fine strands of gold and hand swirls them into what some see as waves others see as just beautiful swirls. Todd makes these rings in three different sizes starting with the smallest at 5.5mm. In each version Todd uses slightly larger inner strands making each one a little wider and more substantial. our thinnest version is available with thinner outer bands or thicker outer bands.  This is a great design to add diamonds or other gemstones. Unlike many of Todd’s other designs each swirl ring comes out a little different, making each one a one-of-a-kind original piece of art. Talk with Todd or Lyra to design your perfect and unique Todd Alan original swirl ring.




Picking Your Width

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made from different gauge strands, to change the size of the rings.


6.0mm 224S


In this thinner version of our swirl ring Todd uses very thin 24 gauge strands to create the inner swirls. Finely welded in many places the swirl strands will not catch, pull or bend out of shape. This delicate swirl is protected by two solid thicker outer bands giving this ring the strength and durability to last. If you're really looking for a dainty smaller ring we can also make this with thinner outer bands by request making this ring even thinner and lighter. This is a good ring for most women who like a smaller ring however I have also had some men that like thinner rings get this as a good choice for a small gents ring.

7.5mm 222S


This midsize version of our swirl ring is probably the best option for most women, especially if you want to add any diamonds or gemstones. Todd creates the swirls with slightly larger 22 gauge strands leaving more space for small stones and to get that more open filigree look. This is a strong ring with many weld points to keep it from catching or bending out of shape. This version also makes a fine men's  ring.

9.0mm 220S


This largest version of our swirl ring is an eye-catching wide ring that looks great with or without stones. A standalone ring for women who like a wide striking piece of jewelry. Todd uses solid 20 gauge strands to make the inner swirls leaving many space options for setting stones and diamonds.  This is a very strong ring with many weld points to keep it from catching or bending out of shape. This version can also make a fine larger men's ring. Best in ring sizes 7 and up.

How Swirl Rings Work

Mother's Rings are our newest style of ring. When you select one of the widths above, Todd handmakes a completely custom and one of a kind ring for you. Since each ring will be distinct with different swirls and designs each time, what you're really choosing is the width and in the end you'll have a singularly unique piece unlike any other.

How This Works With Stones: Pick Your Birthstones

Typically, mother's rings have a birthstone for each of her children or one for every member of her family. That is why they are also called 'family rings'. Many of our mother's rings have diamonds and other gemstones. To do this, you need to select the stones you want and click "add to cart" for each one. As Todd crafts your ring, he will choose where they will look best in each individual case. Just add the stones you want to your cart along with your width and we will take it from there!

Our accent stones are 2.5mm stones (shown below) and will account for the stones in the mother's ring the majority of the time. However, if you like, you can also choose spotlight stones which are 3.5-5mm. To do this, please visit the GEMSTONE page or the DIAMOND page. You can have whatever combination of the two that you would like: it is truly a ring of your own design. Create the perfect ring for her that says 'this represents our family' or just pick her favorite colors. Make the perfect ring creation for her.

Adding stones is completely up to you, our mother's rings look just as beautiful without gemstones as they do with them.

If you have a particular vision you would like to see embodied, please contact us. Otherwise, Todd will create your ring using the stones and width you've chosen.

Spotlight Stones


For a spotlight stone, you can choose either a bezel or prong setting. The cost of mounting the stone and the white gold setting that will be used is already included in the price below.

Accent Stones


All accent stones are placed in a bezel setting. The price of mounting the stone as well as the white gold setting that will be used is already included in the price below.


For a diamond, you can choose to have it placed in a bezel, prong or V-setting. The cost of mounting the stone and the white gold setting that will be used is already included in the price below. As a note, if you want to upgrade from a 14k white gold setting to platinum one, there is a price increase.





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