Rainbow Rings

"I really enjoy creating this new style of ring. Making each one is a fairly involved process so each ring comes out completely and uniquely different. Because of this uniqueness, every one will be its own individual creation - like a fine piece of art with no other like it in the world." -Todd

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The latest addition to Todd’s collection, already becoming one of the most popular. Instead of braiding, Todd takes fine strands of gold and hand swirls them into what some see as waves others see as just beautiful swirls. Unlike many of Todd’s other designs each swirl ring comes out a little different, making each one a one-of-a-kind original piece of art. Talk with Todd or Lyra to design your perfect and unique Todd Alan original rainbow ring. These also make wonderful wedding rings for most size fingers and if you order two rainbow rings we will make them from the same braid! Learn more about the same braid here.

Rainbow Ring

7.5mm 222STT Swirl Rainbow Rings.

Inner Braid: 14k Rose Gold, 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum.

$1553.00 starting cost.

Summer Sale: 40% Off: $931.00

Outer Bands:
Ring Size:

This ring in the photo has 18k yellow gold. You can pick what color you want the outer bands to be.

Inner Braid: 14k Rose Gold, 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum.

Super Summer Sale! 40% Off

Made with Solid 14k Rose Gold, 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum!



The Finest Braided Wedding Rings In the World


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