Rose Gold Wedding Rings

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All of Todd Alan's handmade wedding bands are original designs and protected by copyright




Unique red gold rings, rose gold rings, or also called pink gold are made from a beautiful solid copper-tone 14k gold. This fine gold looks like highly polished copper but won't loose its shine or turn your finger green. The price for the 14k rose gold rings are the same as the 14k yellow gold rings on this site. We can make any of the braided rings in our collection in rose gold. Each wedding band is available in different thicknesses.


cordofthreeroseCord of Three with Rope

cordofthreerosegoldringCord of Three with Outer Bands

rosegold14ksevenstrandtwistweavering7 Strand Twist Weave

rosegold14ksevenstrandtwistweaveropecenterring7 Strand Twist Weave with Rope

rosegold14keightstrandclosedweavering8 Strand Closed Weave

rosegold14keightstrandclosedweavering18 Strand Closed Weave with Rope

rosegold14keightstranddoubleweaveropecenterring8 Strand Double Weave with Rope

rosegold14keightstranddoubleweaveouterbandring8 Strand Double with Outer Bands

rosegold14ktenstrandopenweavering110 Strand Closed Weave with Rope

specialbraidtwostrand14krosegoldringTwist Ring