The Seam

When braiding rings, Todd makes a single long braid and works it into a circular ring leaving a seam where the two ends come together. Joining the seam is some of the trickiest and most difficult parts of creating a true braided ring. Todd hand fuses each strand together with an adjoining strand from the other side until all connect together in a continuous braided looking pattern. In an eight strand ring that means joining 16 strands together at a single juncture. After 25 years of fuse welding Todd has developed very unique skills to make this seam as invisible and as strong as possible, connecting the ends to give the appearance of a continuous braid. Depending on where in the braid the seam lands and based on the customers ring size todd can sometimes make it seem like a seamless braid going around the ring. sometimes depending on the braid and where in the braid pattern it lands the seam can be seen, however Todd shapes the strands to make the seam as invisible as possible adding to the unique handmade art nature of these rings. Below are some photos of the seams on Todd's rings, please remember in photos they are blown up many sizes larger than you will actually see when it's on your finger.