Seven Strand Open Weave Braid

Seven Strand Open Weave Braided Wedding Rings


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Picking Your Width

The first step in choosing the perfect ring is picking the best width for your finger. Each width is made with different gauge strands, which changes the size of the ring. If you prefer a smaller and daintier ring, select a smaller with your width. If you tend to be more active with your hands and feel you are tougher on your rings, select the larger widths.

5.5mm 720V


This ring makes a great intricate lady's ring. It is also good for smaller men's hands. Not recommended for very large hands. Approximately 5.5mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 3-8.

6.5mm 718V


An excellent choice for the couple who appreciates the look of mid-sized matching bands. A good choice if both people in the couple want their rings made from the same braid. Open-weave styling provides you with a substantial ring while allowing for comfortable circulation.  Approximately 6.5mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 5-11.

7.5mm 716V


 This ring is the heavier (men's) version of this braid style. It looks great on large hands.  This is a substantial ring made to last a lifetime and comfortable enough to wear all the time. A good companion ring to the slimmer 718V (left). Approximately 7.5mm wide.

Best in ring sizes 11-up.

Adding a Rope Center

Each Five Strand Twist Weave braid can be made with a rope center which is a twisted wire. There is no charge to make your ring with a rope center strand.

To add a rope center, simply click the box below the ring size menu.

Learn More About Rope Center

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View all Options Below to Pick the Perfect Metal For Your Ring

yellow-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

yellow-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-rope-center-ringWith Rope Center

14k Yellow Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

yellow-gold-18k-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

yellow-gold-18k-seven-strand-twist-weave-rope-center-ringWith Rope Center

18k Yellow Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

white-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

white-gold-14k-eight-strand-closed-weave-ringWith Rope Center

14k White Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

platinum-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

platinum-seven-strand-twist-weave-rope-center-ringWith Rope Center


Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

two-tone-white-yellow-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-Without Rope Center

two-tone-white-yellow-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-1With Rope Center

14k White and Yellow Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

two-tone-platinum-yellow-goldWithout Rope Center

two-tone-platinum-yellow-gold1With Rope Center

Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

Specialty Seven Strand Twist Weave Braids

rose-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

rose-gold-14k-seven-strand-twist-weave-rope-center-ringWith Rope Center

14k Rose Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

tri-tone-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

tri-tone-seven-strand-twist-weave-rope-center-ringWith Rope Center

Tri-Color Braid with 14k Rose, White, and Yellow Gold

Ring Size:
Make Center Strand Rope

custom-two-tone-seven-strand-twist-weave-ring1With Rope Center

custom-two-tone-seven-strand-twist-weave-ringWithout Rope Center

This Picture (example): Surrounding Strands=White Gold Center Strand = Rose Gold

Custom Two Tone

Ring Size:
Center Strand:
Make Center Strand Rope
Surrounding Strands:

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Customizing Your Ring

moissaniteringartistuniqueAdding Moissanite

artistcustomprongworkCustom Prong Work

Picking Your Metal

14k Yellow Gold: The US standard; yellow gold used in most classic wedding rings

14k White Gold: Todd uses a specially designed 14k white gold known for its true white color and extra durability. This white gold is not plated and does not require further plating to hold its white color.

14k Rose Gold: A recently popular reddish/copper colored gold that holds a beautiful shine and won't darken with age.

18k Yellow Gold: The European standard; bright deep yellow gold often used with platinum to create the best two-tone contrast or for people seeking that deeper ancient rich gold look.

Platinum: Known for its strength and bright white color, platinum is sure to last as heirloom pieces for generations to come. Noticeably more expensive because of its density and weight. No other metal feels like platinum.

Silver: For those on a budget Todd braids a limited selection of his styles in silver. Silver has the brightest white yet can become brittle over time. A good place holder until you're ready to replace them with gold or platinum rings.

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