Silver Cord of Three™ Strands

Three Strand Braided Wedding Ring in Silver with Third Strand in Silver or in 14k Yellow Gold

Cord of Three™ in Silver Options

Presently we have two styles of our unique cord-of-three wedding ring available in sterling silver. The first style is of all three strands woven in our Argentium silver. The second style features two strands of silver with the third strand - called the "God" strand - being made in our 14k yellow gold. We have chosen this style as the best thickness to work in silver. This ring is approximately 3.5mm wide.

We do not place outer bands on silver. We do not mount diamonds or gemstones in silver.

silver-cord-of-three317CS Silver Cord of Three™

silver-christian-wedding-ring317CS Silver Cord of Three™ with 14k Yellow Gold God Strand

Argentium Sterling Silver is more tarnish-resistant than other silvers and is made with 92.5% silver. This metal is a bright silver finished with a very high polish.

When deciding between woven silver wedding bands or white gold wedding bands it is important to remember that 14k white gold is a very strong metal and will probably last a life time whereas silver can get brittle over time. While it is true that silver wedding rings are more affordable than gold rings, many of our silver customers later return to buy one of our gold or platinum wedding bands.

Silver Cord of Three™

This Unique braided ring I designed specifically for the Christian community. After receiving many calls from kind people looking for wedding rings braided from three strands, a Cord of Three™ as reflected in the Bible.

For many this braid design represents two people on their journey together entwined by love. I think this symbolism is very beautiful and often the final product comes out stunning. People have expressed their own unique symbolism in this braid design by picking the silver to represent themselves (couple strands) and then the 14k yellow gold to represent the God/Love (God strand).

For many years now, people have come to me asking if I can braid a wedding ring from three strands of gold to represent the "Cord of Three™". So for many years I have been hand making these rings upon request. The symbolism in these rings comes from the Bible in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." I can also weave both the brides and grooms ring in one long braid, then make each ring from that braid which adds even more symbolism to your wedding bands (see Same Braid page). As you can see in the photos above, one strand "God strand" wraps around two strands " the couple" holding them together. - Todd

Customer Letter

"We received our rings and my beautiful bride was ecstatic with them. Her favorite part wasn't just that they represented Bible scripture from Ecclesiastes. She continually expressed her joy that they were from a single braid. What surprised me was the reaction of our 300 guests. We had countless comments as to how beautiful they are and many of our guests went out of their way to see them. Katie pointed out the single braid nearly every time. Beyond the wedding and admiration of our guests, our rings continue to represent a significant reminder of our love and the promises we made that day. Thank you for allowing the artistry of your rings to play such a significant part of our most special day and each day after."

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