Adding Thicker Outer Bands


Why You Should Make Your Outer Bands Thicker

1.) If you would like a ring for a man but want a thinner ring. The ring pictured above is our OB624VY, one of the thinnest bands we make, but it was for a man in a size 10.5 that wanted a thin ring. So by making the outer bands thicker it creates a stronger and more substantial men's ring while still keeping the ring only 5mm.

2.) If you like the look of the thicker outer bands. For a lady's or men's ring, making the outer bands thicker gives the whole ring a more substantial look - so it can be more about personal taste.

3.) If you would like a larger more substantial men's ring. If your ring size is a 10 or above, we recommend adding thicker outer bands just so the ring looks in good proportion to your hand.

4.) To match braids but make it comfortable for both people. If you want to make a matching braid with two different ring sizes, adding thicker outer bands can make the person with the larger ring size more comfortable and make the ring feel stronger while the littler ring size can have standard outer bands but they both still match and cane be made from the same braid.

Cost to Make Outer Bands Thicker:

14k Gold = $100.00 per ring

18k Yellow Gold = $125.00 per ring

Platinum = $150.00 per ring

By checking the box 'make outer bands thicker' next to your braid choice, the site will automatically add the additional cost.


Thicker Outer Bands

Standard Outer Bands


Thicker Outer Bands

Standard Outer Bands


Thicker Outer Bands

Standard Outer Bands




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