Two Tone Wedding Rings

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Our unique two tone wedding rings are available in many combinations: 14k white gold/14k yellow gold mix, a platinum/18k yellow gold mix and a silver/14k yellow gold mix, just to name a few. And please, feel free to choose your own variation. Our two tone braids are very popular and they work perfectly with Todd's art form because he hand braids each ring and mixing strands is just part of the braiding.

cordofthreeplatinumgoldrCord of Three with Rope

cordofthreeplatinum18ktwotone1Cord of Three with Outer Bands

cordofthreeropetwotoneplaitnum18kCord of Three with Outer Bands and Rope

twotoneyellow18kplatinumsevenstrandtwistweavering7 Strand Twist Weave

twotoneplatinum18kyellowgoldeightstrandclosedweavering8 Strand Closed Weave

twotoneplatinum18kyellowgoldeightstranddoubleweaveropecenterring8 Strand Double Weave with Rope

yellowgold18kplatinumeightstranddoubleweaveouterbandring8 Strand Double with Outer Bands

twotoneplatinum18kyellowgoldtenstrandopenweaveropecenterring10 Strand Closed Weave with Rope

specialbraidtwostrand18kyellowgoldplaitnumringTwist Ring