Todd Alan's Unique Process

This is the first video Todd has ever produced showing his unique ring making process.

This video is the first time that Todd has recorded and shared his self taught detailed ring making process. Todd's Website:

Todd’s unique handmade braided wedding rings are one-of-a-kind artistic creations. With over 35 years experience and more than 16,000 wedding rings made, Todd weaves designs not found anywhere else in the world. This video features the creation of two of his five strand twist weave wedding rings made with custom square outer bands. The rings are for Doug and Dotti, who found us online and met with Todd in his shop. After talking with him and trying on different rings, they decided on a custom unique set Todd's never before made. Todd melted, pulled, braided, shaped, welded, and finished every part of the rings by hand.

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Making a Masterpiece

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Todd Series: Recent Rings

Todd will be producing a new video each week showing some of the rings he has finished each week.

Episode #4

Episode #3

Episode #2

Episode #1

Welcome to episode 1 of our new series that features some of the rings that Todd has made in the last week. Todd makes all his signature braided wedding rings by hand using only precious metals. .

This weeks rings feature our 3.5mm 317C Cord of Three braid in 14k white and and rose gold with stunning 2mm square outer bands.

Cord of three:

Square Outer Bands:

Second we have a 5.5mm 618 two-tone six strand open weave engagement ring featuring Todd's custom prong work and a 5.5mm Moissanite.

Six strand open weave braid:

Custom prong work:

Moissanite Page:

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