Wedding Ring Stories




Our fantastic re-union story

Our story begins in 1997 when my husband and I fell madly in love at first sight when we were 19 years old.  We lived together for about a year before Kevin joined the Navy.  We had to separate, as I was not able to leave my hometown then.  Devastated, we carried on with our lives apart, lost touch, and married others.  In 2010, I finally received a phone call from Kevin who was living in Germany at the time.  I very quickly packed my bags and moved to Germany to be with my one true love.  After so many years apart we were even more connected, and found that we shared so many common experiences while separated.  Three months later we quickly married and continued our adventures through Europe.  Being artists, we wanted one of a kind unique handmade wedding bands and were so blessed to have found Todd Alan during a web search.  We have now worn our beautiful matching bands during our many adventures throughout Europe, always receiving comments on them from the people we meet along the way.  Our wedding bands remind us every day of how important it is to take a chance, follow your heart, and trust.  You never know what life is going to bring.  We continue to stay flexible, adventurous, and open to all of its wonder.


 Kevin & Meghan Scott


Our wedding rings means so much to us and daily remind us of so many things

Jean and I met only a few years ago, each having been previously divorced. We found ourselves hopelessly in love, and began work on taking our two families (I have 3 children, Jean has one) and joining them together. When we looked for wedding rings and found your woven bands we knew we'd found rings that would daily remind us of our new life. 

Our rings are made from a single strand of platinum, reminding us of the unity of our new life. We are forever part of each other. One life lived together. The way they're woven is with four inner strands weaving back and forth - these are our four children, together now in one family. The two outer strands are Jean and I - parents keeping it all together, providing boundaries, protection and care for our children, for our new family.

Our rings are not stamped out by a machine, they're lovingly hand-crafted, with interesting differences, reminding us that we're not perfect - we have our 'interesting differences'. And lastly, our rings are strong and enduring, like our love for each other. Even beyond our brief lives, our rings will last, as will our love, through the lived-out lives of our children and Lord willing, our grand-children.

We love our rings and often get comments about them. Thank you, Todd for your skill and craftsmanship.                                                               

My husband Felton and I each have owned two Todd Alan wedding bands, but they were not our first.  When we married in 1978, we have very little money, so we traipsed to the local mall and bought a couple very thin, handmade bands.  The clerk said, “These won’t hold up very well.”  Actually, mine did--for about 20 years until my arthritic joints made the ring impossible to remove.  So when we found your rings on Ebay, my husband cut off my old ring and we bought two matching rings from you.

Because my husband is a woodworker, he has a bad habit of removing his ring and putting it in odd places.  After he lost his first Todd Alan ring, he bought another identical one.  My original ring served me well for about ten years, but eventually my knuckles once again expanded, so I purchased my second ring as well.

Now when I look at my latest, beautiful silver and gold ring, I think about how we change over long years of marriage and how our relationships grow (like my knuckles), but just as our rings have evolved, so have we.  My husband will soon be 70, and I am 64, but we have more fun and are closer now than we were 34 years ago.  The two metals twisted together remind me that the lives of two very different people can intertwine and flourish, becoming a work of art.



I have told this story to most all the people that know me, about how I got my wedding band, and it is a great story to tell when someone tells me that my wedding band is very beautiful.

The story goes.....

My husband and I were to be married on July 9, 2011, on our camp dock in Island Pond, Vermont.  This was a beach wedding, in casual beach attire and an outside reception hosted by our friends across the lake.

First you must know that George, my husband, and I are not material people.  However, we work hard, but play just as hard!  We live in Vermont, and enjoy something for fun in every season.  The other point, I DOOOO love jewelry, just as my Grammie did :)

My husband asked me to marry him with the engagement ring as you see in the attached picture, on my birthday, July 4, 2010.  I love to plan parties, and had this wedding pretty much planned within 6 months, because it was a simple, casual wedding in our favorite place to play in Island Pond, Vermont.

I LOVE braided anything and crisscross anything.  I have been a dancer my whole life and run a small dance studio, and if you look at my leotards or tops, most of them are made up of cris cross straps, and even my casual belts are mostly braided ones.

Yes, I have always had long hair, so we all know that braids are a given, with most long haired women :)

Anyway, the story........

I wanted a hand made wedding band that would go with my engagement ring, as it was not something that was made for a wedding band set.  I went to the local jewelry store that I knew made custom jewelry, and asked if it was possible to have a ring made to go with my band.  I LOVE yellow, white and pink gold combinations, so wanted to hopefully have something made to that affect.  What they said they could make was not really that, but close enough for me to be happy.  So I left my engagement band for them in order to form with my 'to be' wedding band.  I was told it would be done in about a month, so I said fine and went on my merry way.  Four weeks later after not hearing anything, I decided to go to the store to see what the progress of the ring was.  Long story short, I was told that it had not even been started yet and was given all the excuses in the world.  So I left and thought, I will give them another chance.  So, I went back in two weeks to see what the progress was.  When I walked in, the jewelry maker did not even remember me, and when I told him that he was making a wedding band for me, he asked me.....ready for this one......"Well, are you married yet?"  I stood in shock.  I composed myself before saying anything, and simply said, "No. But I am here to take my engagement ring back, and I am also canceling my order for my ring."

Very discouraged, I went to the other jeweler in town that I had done business with before, hoping that he'd be able to help me.  I had to tell him the story of going to the other place to have a custom made band, and he got angry and said, "He doesn't even make his own jewelry!  He sends it out to be made!"  So still frustrated and feeling the crunch of time to have a band that I would be happy with, I asked him if there was something he could suggest to go with the engagement band.

He looked at it, then tossed it back to me across the counter and said, "Well obviously your fiance shopped at the wrong place cause there was nothing made to go with this band and you're not gonna find one."  I was devastated.  I was just trying to find help in finding a ring that I was so excited to be able to wear, and I felt like I was just getting shoved aside.

So I picked up my ring, said Thank You (holding back my tears), and walked out to go find my fiance.  I told him what happened, in tears, and said I was going home and getting online to search for a ring.  Now, keep in mind, I am all about supporting the local stores as much as possible, but I will NEVER go back to either one of these stores again!!!!

So I spend about 2 days looking online to find nothing that really jumped out at me.  Feeling crunched for time, I got discouraged and did not even look again for close to a week,  Wearing a wedding band means more to me than just wearing a band, and felt like already something was working against me.

So after about a week, I typed in braided wedding bands in the search, just like I had done before, and there it was!!!  Todd Alan Studios, Hand woven bands.  So I clicked on it right away and instantly got that twinkle in my eye as I looked at all the beautiful options you could have.  I was sold already!!!

Now I knew my husband wanted a titanium band, so I knew already, that our bands would not match, but I was ok with that because we would both be wearing what we wanted.  So I love the mixture of golds as stated above, and finally decided on a ring that was just in the same price range that I had originally been quoted, but now with so much more enthusiasm of buying it cause it was exactly what I wanted, and also looked great with my engagement ring.  I sent an email to Todd Alan to be sure it could be made in time, and the deal was done!!  Also after that, I found a ring that my husband really liked, and there was definite similarities that 'tied' our bands together!  It was perfect.

So I got my ring in plenty of time, and was VERY excited.  We were married, then a few months later, one of my strands came apart from the ring itself, so I emailed the Todd Alan studio and explained what happened, and it was fixed without any question, at no charge!  How wonderful!

I love bangle bracelets, and because I love the mixed golds, they are not cheap.  So I looked at his site one day to look at his bracelets, and ever since, I have a print out of the 2 different tri color bracelets from the Todd Alan website, that I have on my wish list to get someday when I can afford to spend that money, sitting on my work desk.  So in hopes that my story is picked for the custom bracelet, maybe I will in fact get that matching bracelet to wear with my wedding band.

So I have attached a picture of the wedding band and my engagement ring, and also a picture of my husband and I from our wedding day :)

Even if I don't win the bracelet, I will keep my wish list paper on my desk, in hopes to get to order it some day!

Thank you so much for making the wedding ring experience a good one, after it not starting off very well!!

With much appreciation,



My father was an Industrial Arts major in college.  As part of one of his metal working classes he fashioned a ring with braided silver stands for my mother.  That ring has always been my favorite.  I vowed to myself I would find a ring with braided strands for my wedding ring.  It took me 53 years to find my husband, and I almost despaired of ever finding the right ring.  I searched high and low, and was about to settle for a plain band when I found your website.  My ring is exactly what I always hoped it would be.  Many women have told me it is one of the most unique they have seen.  My long wait for both husband and wedding band have rewarded me with contentment and happiness.  My ring will always remind me not only of my husband and our love; it is a remembrance of both of my parents as well.

Thank you for my special wedding band,


Hello. I love my wedding band so much I thought I would share my story and help you all spread the word about Todd's amazing works of art. 

I never dreamed I would get married. So when my VERY nervous husband, Bryar, got down on one knee on HIS birthday back in 2011 I was completely shocked. He had been so strange all day. I was actually afraid he was going to dump me that night. So glad I was wrong!! Laughs! I instantly said yes and began looking at rings that would be a perfect symbol of our amazing relationship with each other. Well first let me go back a year. I meet my husband in 2010 at one of my darkest times. He helped me through it as an amazing friend. We started dating some time later. Not long after we started dating we had to make a hard decision to either stay together as a long distance relationship or part ways. Well I say hard decision, neither of us hesitated on a long distance relationship. We knew if we could make through two years of me going away to school (two hours away from each other) then we could make it through everything. That was almost three years ago. During all this time we have never considered ourselves apart. We have always felt each others' presence. Therefore, no one in either of our families are surprised when Bryar asked me to marry him. With everything we have been through together I wanted a ring that said it all. We have always took pride in how much our lives are intertwined together. My husband loved the unique wedding bands that you offer but due to being allergic to metals had to choose a different ring.

I get so many complements on my ring and so many people ask me where I got it. They are shocked when I tell them it is hand made. :) It never gets old telling people mine and Bryar's story.

Hope you enjoy hearing it! 

Hey Todd,

We found you after looking everywhere for braided rings in Australia.. no-one had anything that we liked, they were either too huge and gaudy, or weak hollow things. As soon as I saw your masterpieces, I knew we didn't have to look anymore for our wedding bands. It was just so perfectly romantic- rings made from the same braid, to forever join us together, even if we were apart we would still have that to look upon our hands. Our wedding had a Celtic/Medieval theme: my husband James wore a kilt, chainmail armour and a sword on his back. I wore a full length, long sleeved purple gown and a matching cape, both had silver braid along the edges. The rings fit in perfectly with everything, having woven bands, so very Celtic. We had a Quaich ceremony (otherwise known as a 'loving cup'), we drunk wine from the bowl, and our parents also took turn to symbolise the joining of our families. We then had a handfasting, which we used my handcrafted braided rope to 'tie the knot'. Another tip of the hat to our rings. Afterward we had a fantastic reception with all of our guests, and ended the night with a bang, we had fireworks! 8 months later now, and I remember our wedding day and night near perfectly just by looking down at my left hand. Thank you so much for making our rings, we couldn't have had such a perfect day without you.

With much awe and thanks,

Tamara and James

Awe Inspiring:

When I look at my beautiful wedding ring I remember the day it arrived. I was in Wisconsin working on getting my fiancée moved out to Colorado. The day they arrived I had been very home sick and missing my fiancée, as he was at work every day, often leaving before I even woke up in the morning. When our rings arrived my mother called me to tell me I had a package. She read me the sender address and I felt my first smile all day cross my face. I immediately told her to open it and tell me how they looked. I heard her opening the package and then there was a moment of silence.

After a moment she said, “Oh Nicole...” 

It was the way that she said it. It was barely more than a whisper, but the awe and appreciation were the loudest thing ever heard. I knew that they were perfect. When we made it back home, I found the rings hidden in a box in my room. The very first thing we did when we made it home, was look at our wedding rings for the first time, and my was right. They were more beautiful and awe inspiring than I could have imagined.



My husband and I have known each other for 12 years, been together for 5, and married for 2.  Three years ago, we were in the midst of planning our wedding.  Things were coming together nicely - we knew we wanted a Renaissance wedding, and anything we found that fit the theme, we bought!

My husband got me a beautiful two-tone claddagh engagement ring with a diamond, and I must say the most difficult thing about planning my wedding was finding a wedding band to go with my engagement ring.  I must have looked online for 6-8 months trying to find rings that would look good with my ring.  I knew those chain stores in the mall would not have what I wanted.  I actually didn't know what I wanted, but I knew it wouldn't be there.

I was up late one night, it was around 4 am, when I came upon your website and knew my search was over!  I knew the two-tone braided ring would go so beautifully with my engagement ring, and I waited patiently for my husband to get up so that I could show him.  Luckily, he loved it, too!  And we got them right away.

When I look at my ring, I love how beautiful it looks with my engagement ring.  I think about what a delight it is to be married to the guy whom I had such a huge crush on in high school.  I remember how our ring bearer did TOO good of a job of protecting our rings (he wouldn't give them up when it was time; he was 3 at the time).  I also remember how we wrote about our braided rings in our vows:

 I now want to give you this ring as a symbol of my never-ending love. 

The braids on this ring represent our handfasting, and how the vows we shared today              will always be with me.

I hope that every time you see it, you think of me and know how much you mean to me.

I also think about how not too long ago, my husband LOST his ring!  We went on a diet after the wedding.  I lost 45 lbs so far; my husband lost closer to 70 lbs.  It was too big for his finger, and it fell off and was gone!  (I actually wear my rings on my middle or pointer ring, until I stop losing weight so I can get them re-sized.)  Although, he claims it's in the house somewhere.

I'm so happy to have found you for our rings.  It is the one physical thing from our wedding day that I wear every day, and it's always with me.  Thank you!

 - Bernadette and Shawn

We live along the banks of the upper Columbia River about 20 mi. south of the Canadian border. One of our annual events with our church friends and other assorted folks is a tube trip down the Kettle River which is a very fast and very cold tributary which feeds into the Columbia. Five years ago we were in the middle of this float trip when a young lady (8 yrs. old) hit a submerged rock and was flipped out of her river tube. She popped to the surface just fine shouting "I'm ok", except her tube and her vest were no where to be seen. I was the only adult close and I was in an inflatable kayak. I put myself down river from her and when she popped up again I reached down and grabbed some part of her body or suit and flung her up and into my boat. It took me a moment to realize that the thing I had felt tearing skin on my hand was my gold and platinum wedding band being ripped off my finger. Oh well I lost a thousand dollar band, but Brookie was alive and fine and not lost in the midst of the rapids.

 Fast forward to 2011. My wife and I decided to renew our vows and to find matching bands to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We were going to be satisfied with inexpensive tungsten rings when someone told us about your studio. Thanks to this friend we were able to afford pieces of art for matching bands and easily afford them. My heartfelt thanks to you and your studio for making our 40th anniversary and the exchanging of rings a very special occasion.

  Warm Regards; Tim 





I wanted to thank you for making my perfect engagement ring.  I receive so many compliments on it and everyone that sees it asks me where I got it.  My husband says that you were wonderful to work with to pick out the details and help him along in the process.  I wanted a one of a kind ring and since my husband is in the Coast Guard, I love things that look nautical.  You and my husband made my wish come true!  I have had my ring for 2 years now and it is still as beautiful as the day my husband asked me to marry him.  You do beautiful work and I recommend you to complete strangers all of the time!! Thank you so much!

Very Respectfully,

Ashley and Jack 


Hello Todd Alan,

I truly love my wedding band. Melissa, my wife was darling to order me my ring from yourself.

It has received many wonderful compliments as it is unique and people notice that a man's wedding band is handwoven.

You do masterful work and it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your creative craftsmanship.


Hello Todd,

I recently submitted an email but wished to elaborate on why I chose your ring over many others.

I like unique things that are conversation pieces.

Being a huge Lord of the Rings fan, Scottish myself and knowing that the ring was custom made that is comprised of 3 pieces of metal braided together.

Together as One is a quote that I have always appreciated and knowing that my ring will always be personable, unique and creative makes me proud to wear one of your rings.

I can't wait to get my wife a personable unique piece of your jewelry to compliment mine.


I met my fiance when I was in Afghanistan and though I did know it at the time, we would someday figure out our friendship was something much deeper.  We do not have a great deal of  money   because we are still pretty young and living through the difficult   beginning years of saving and sacrificing to build  a firm foundation for our future.  We purchased 2 silver   braided rings and loved them.  She cried when she received it and   even though we are currently on other ends of the world,  I felt like we were never closer. 

On our 10th anniversary we will be sending our rings back to Todd to be recast with an addition of gold.  On our 20th anniversary I will place a diamond in her ring.  When our foundation is strong and our future is established, our rings will be a true representation of the sacrifices we made, in love, to create something that only increases in value as we move through this life together.  I would personally like to thank you for everything Todd. 



When I look at my Todd Alan original ring, I think of it's beauty and what a talented artist he must be to create such amazing pieces of jewelry.

My primary thought is always of my husband. He is in the military and got called up to leave for Afghanistan sooner than expected. We were engaged, but we were not married yet. We absolutely wanted to marry before his year in Afghanistan.Since our time got cut short we were married at the courthouse.  Even so, I was amazed at how pretty it was. This ring is so intricately detailed and it meant so much to have it while my husband was fighting for this country. I get so many compliments on it and would love nothing better than to have the matching bracelet.

My husband, SPC Matthew made it home safely from his first tour, but is preparing to go back in June. I'll have my ring then also, to remind me of the sacrifice, we both make to remain together and be strong in our marriage.


Dear Todd,

I'm pleased to share our story and how we purchased our wedding/handfasting rings from your studio! Michael and I met in the Autumn of 2008 and fell immediately in love! We felt pulled in a Universal spin that allowed our hearts to meet and meld and we certainly didn't fight it. We became engaged over the Yule/Christmas holidays and we planned a summer handfasting to coincide with the Summer Solstice of 2009. And so the search began, wedding gown, tux, location, invitation lists and so on. Like every engaged couple we were looking for quality for the right price, we did not want an over-the-top celebration with a few hundred 'strangers'. We wanted to be surrounded by our loving family and friends that would support on our special day and beyond. As we were planning our nuptials, the Universe continue to swirl and collide and make manifest our desires and plans. We decided on a handfsting in the ways of the Old Celtic folk with melding of African wedding tradition. For our rings we wanted Celtic pattern of knotwork, yet many rings were lacking in that 'special detail'. Most were machine made with one dimensional pattern and many did not come in a set.Than one day, during an internt search, I came across the link to Todd Alan Studio! The artist once lived in NEOhio, not far from our location, and he created beautiful jewelry from wire that was twisted into intricate and yet elegant knotwork that fell within our price range. Bingo! Michael and decided on a pattern and hoped the artist could accomodate our wishes. You see, I was to wear a gold ring and Michael had chosen a silver ring...but we wanted the silver made from his ring woven into mine! AS our hearts were woven into one, our rings would always reflect the love and respect we have for each other.

Remember I said that the Universe was in constant motion, there are no coincidences. As it turns out, we planned to honeymoon in Wisteria Campground in Southern Ohio. There was a Summer Solstice festival with all sorts of artists, musicians, dancers, lecturers and magicians, all sorts of magickal and meaningful fun(I should mention Magnus and Abbi Spinner were also there-another story of convergence I'll tell at a later time ;) ).

Our handfasting was a beautiful and poignant celebration as we lovingly exchanged our special rings. Yet our honeymoon was filled with surprises, as we met the artist, whose creative heart and patient spirit went into the creation of our rings! We continue to receive many compliments on our rings and even a few people have exclaimed "That's Todd Alan's work!" To which we proudly say.."Yes, it is!"

So once again, we want to thank you Todd for creating a memorable part of our lives!

Sincerely, Michael and DeBorah

Hi Todd,

First of all, I'd like to thank you again for our beautiful rings.  I can't get over how intricate and textured they are and how they look while they lay on our fingers.  Anyways, here is the story I'd like to share for your bracelet contest:

When I was looking for wedding rings for my wife and I, I stumbled across the website for Todd Alan Studios.  I fell in love immediately.   Quickly, I showed the rings to my wife causing her similar feelings of adoration.  She especially loved the idea of having two rings woven from the same strand of gold, and it was a real joy to incorporate that fact into our wedding ceremony.

Of even greater joy was how willing Todd was able to work with us on the price of the rings.  I've been unemployed recently, and Todd's lessening of the economic burden of our wedding was very helpful.  Being unemployed, though, I've been having a lot of trouble this holiday season with gift giving.  My wife, however, has been trying to get me to knit for years so that we could knit together.  I realized this was a wonderful idea as I was pondering my gifts and thus readily agreed. 

After learning the basics and later how to cable, I was looking at my wedding ring when inspiration struck.  I took some time to map out the design and soon had a pattern for a scarf based on the very weavings of our wedding rings.  The scarf's finished, now, and it looks absolutely stunning.  I've attached a picture of it here for you to admire and post to your site and hope you like it.  My wife certainly does.

I'm looking forward to designing more knitting patterns based on our rings and would like to thank you once more for creating such inspiring jewelry.

- Michael and Tania


Dear Todd, 

Thank you so much for making my stunning wedding band. This ring has become a significant part of our wedding story and symbol of our marriage.

When Bryan and I started talking about the future of our relationship, we realized we wanted to do things a little differently. We broke tradition in our engagement by proposing to each other and by wearing our wedding bands on our right hands. On a quiet get-away weekend to Seattle, we each popped the question in our own way. He asked me first on the slopes of a small park overlooking the city. Two days later, I asked him to marry me on a blustery cold ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.

I proposed to Bryan with my father’s tri-gold band, which he passed down to us. He proposed to me with your beautifully woven tri-gold ring – a perfect mate for Bryan’s ring. The hunt for this ring was not easy, but in the end we could not be happier. We have had poor past experiences with other online jewelers. We were a little nervous, but hopeful, when we looked at the beautiful rings on your website. After talking with you on the phone, we were ecstatic. You're a real person -- a real artist, not just a name on a website or an automated voice on the phone. We were so appreciative that you helped us design the perfect tri-gold woven band.

We wore these rings daily during our year-long engagement, giving us a constant reminder and helping us internalize our upcoming wedding. We were thrilled when we found a way to include these rings in our wedding ceremony with a ‘ring-warming’ ceremony. During the wedding we invited our family and friends to pass the rings between themselves, pausing to say a quiet blessing, a best wish for the future, or simply to warm them with their love before passing them along. Looking out and seeing our rings being held by loved ones is one of my clearest memories and most amazing memories of that day. A picture of this ring warming ceremony is on our, our online preview of wedding photos, with our friend Tom sending us his best wishes. Thank you so much for crafting such a beautiful piece for us. I am glad that we were able to share a bit of our joy with you.

Sincerely yours,

Katy & Bryan                                                                             

My wife and I had been married for twenty five years when we had something happen in our relationship that brought us to our knees. We wanted to find rings which were handmade and that had three strands. Those three strands represent my wife, myself, and Christ. The most important strand of course is the one representing Christ which surrounds, runs through and holds together both of us. Those three strands cannot be easily be broken. When we talked to Todd we knew right away that he was the one to make these rings for us and that he understood what we wanted them to represent. We both wear them every day and they still look beautiful and are a constant reminder of our love for each other and the love of Christ which surrounds us. Thank you so much for these precious rings.

By the way our relationship is stronger than ever. We exchanged these rings on our 25th Anniversary were we exchanged our vows again.

One of our favorite Bible verses is Ecclesiastes 4:12.  “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”.

Jon and Linda

Hi!  Here's my story...  

I absolutely love my Todd Alan wedding band.  I love that it is so unique and not mass produced or something you could find at the mall; it's really like wearing a piece of art.  I just had a baby six weeks ago and for the last few months of my pregnancy I couldn't get my ring on.  After I had my daughter I kept trying my ring and two weeks ago I could finally get it back on my finger.  I was so thrilled to be able to wear it again!!


Dear Todd,

First off, we LOVE our wedding bands and I have 3 stories for you.


After 30 years of a great relationship, we decided to get married in the District of Columbia as it had become accepted as legal in Maryland. This was before Marriage Equality passed it’s referendum during the recent election.

We picked a date and while on tour (we are touring musicians), we discussed rings. Neither of us wear much jewelry, so we knew we wanted something not overwhelming, but elegant and simple. My imagination took me to two simple bands braided together to symbolize our lives weaving around each other.

That night, Marcy got on the internet and found your website. She showed me the four strand bands we ordered and we LOVE them.


During the wedding ceremony, my nephew had the job of passing the rings around to our friends on a small white pillow to bless while our friends Adam Hurt & Beth Hartness played beautiful banjo & guitar music. That was very special and everyone loved the rings.


We had an unusual wedding with only 3 weeks of planning. We had to choose the ONLY weekend day and time we were both going to be home this fall. Marcy flew home on the morning of Sunday, Sept, 30 for the wedding. We worked with a friend of ours to create the structure, readings and ceremony and had lovely contributions from friends:

*Tom Paxton (famous folk musician and great friend) sang his fabulous song, “You Are Love”

*Rolly Brown composed a new guitar piece for the wedding’

*My sister and brother in law read poems

*Our nephew passed the rings around to be blessed

*The Hula Honeys musical group from Maui sent gorgeous flower leis for us to place on each other and a matching corsage for Marcy’s mother.

*A dear friend who makes wedding cakes for a living made us a spectacular and delicious white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate cake with ukuleles on the top

Most people have a 20 minute ceremony and a 4 hour party. Because it was a Sunday evening and we could only get into the space one hour in advance, we had a 4 hour party INSIDE of a 1.5 hour ceremony. It was followed by toasts, champagne and cake. Then, with several friends from out of town, we headed home to a slumber party with the outta towners who were staying with us.

Every once in a while, during the ceremony, Marcy would lean over to me and say, “Are we married yet?”. Debbie Block, the celebrant would look at her and smile and say, “Not yet”.

When we finally got to our vows, Marcy went first. In addition to all of the romantic things she said in her vows, she also vowed that

“If you are annoyed with someone, I vow to also be annoyed at them.”-big laugh

“I vow to read your emails before you hit send.” –bigger laugh

Finally, she put the ring on my finger and I looked at everyone and said, “Now one of us is married!” – huge laugh.

Of course, I said my vows and she got her ring and we will live happily ever after.

We love the rings and would love to match them with bracelets!

 The photos that accompany this story are sent separately in a yousendit file.




What story comes to mind when I look at the beautiful rings the adore my wife’s and I hand?  First I think of is love and patients.  For years I have worked with my hands and have managed to mangle every piece of jewelry I have owned, including wedding bands that coincided with failed marriages.  It took me years to learn the right skills to be able to love another person properly and it also took patients to learn those skills and find the right person to share my love and life with.  Each day of the nine years my Kathy and I have been together, we continue to learn and hone our craft of love and patients. 

This is why when I fist saw Todd’s craftsmanship, I knew he would be a perfect fit for us.  Within the soul of his pieces, you can see the love and patients it took to learn the skills he has and how much of that and more he puts into each piece.  Some artisan can throw a ton of paint at a piece of canvas and call it art, but you don’t see the passion, nor the soul within the colors.  Other artisan can just tuck the canvas with one color, and his soul is spoken in volumes, that is how I see Todd’s work.

It is that love and patients that prompted me to make my purchases of the woven rings for our symbol of love and unity.  Our love and unity hasn’t failed, neither has Todd’s craftsmanship, our rings still glisten and retain their shape, even after seven years of marriage.  My marriage, as with the rings I purchased from Todd, will stand the test of time and turn many heads over the years with questions of where and who, cause they never seen such uniqueness, with a proud smile you can Todd Alan Studios.


My name is Luke and my wife and I got married at the young age of 19. I naturally wanted the best in the world for my bride to be but it couldn't be just some ring off the shelf.  I found Hand Woven Bands on a simple google search.  I had been searching for multiple hours looking threw all the different bands, after seeing the same designs over and over again I told myself that I would not just settle with average.  I finally came across a beautiful picture of one of the white gold woven bands, after reading a little on the page I knew that this was the ring I wanted for my future wife.  It was beautiful, professional, and unique. I bought what is now the most important purchase of my life that day and about a month later made the most beautiful woman in the world my wife with it.  I just wanted to say thank you for your professional work and beautiful product.

I didn't get a wedding ring from Todd, but I did get a lovely old style wire wrapped opal. This was about 20 years ago. Although my skin chemistry has eaten through the setting twice, Todd has always reset it for me. This last time, it was in his new hand twisted style. It looks very "tolkien-esque" and that suits me to a T. I love the ring and wear it daily.

Todd was inadvertently my inspiration to learn wire wrapping which has become a lucrative hobby for me. Thank you Todd!




When my husband and I started talking about marriage, one of our first thoughts was about finding a unique wedding band. We have both been married previously and neither of us had a love for "plain wedding bands". Plus we think we're kind of unique as well! I had seen your work in passing on a website and had saved the page because I liked the simple complexity of your jewelry. When I showed him the page he immediately agreed and we decided on the 8 band woven silver rings.

We were married on November 10 of this year. He would laugh with me up until that day because I wanted to wear my ring, it is so beautiful.!! I do not wear a lot of jewelry so I am thrilled to have this to wear all the time. I have received so many compliments(and trust me  I tell people where i found them!) and love looking down and seeing it on my finger.

Thank you so much for making our bands for us. Your work is gorgeous and I'm proud to show off my ring.



My Wedding Band Story.

My Wedding band is special to me because it reminds me of home as well as my lovely husband of course!  I am from England and my parents are from Ireland, I have lived in the USA for 15 years now.  I wanted my wedding band to be something special that had meaning to me, not just something standard from a jewelry store.  I know my ring is one of a kind, I love that it is handmade, and it reminds me of my love for my family and my husband.  I get so many compliments about my ring, it is truly unique for so many reasons. I am very happy I found such a special place to get my wedding band.


Hi Todd! 

My Todd Alan wedding ring is a simple, delicate platinum rope that compliments my engagement ring without cluttering my finger when I wear them together. It is perfect for me because the ring looks special and beautiful but without any stones that would make me worry about it getting caught or breaking when I do athletic activities, because I want to wear my ring all the time. Because I wear it constantly, when I look down at my wedding ring, I think of more than just the joy I felt on my wedding day, when my husband slid the band onto my hand and it sparkled as the curved surface of the platinum rope reflected the sunlight. I also remember wearing it when we went canyoning down a waterfall on our honeymoon in Ecuador. And I think about how I wore it when we went mountain biking in Southwest Colorado after our one year anniversary. My wedding ring is a part of me now, and I love that it can withstand and remain beautiful through everything I do in life – just like my marriage to my amazing husband Jeff, whom I love with all my heart.



I never got a chance to thank you for the four rings I purchased from you and thought this would be a perfect time. My wife, Kaley and I started out as strictly friends around May 2011. after going out for a couple of drinks twice I think we both saw something special starting. On the weekend of July 4,2011 I asked Kaley if she wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. Over the next four days we road about 800 miles, still as friends, to such a huge degree that my future wife(although I didn't know that at the time) sat so far back on the seat, to avoid contact, that she almost fell off the bike numerous times. A week later driving down the road she took hold of my hand, our first physical contact. On November 3,2011 we were married. She had picked out the style of ring she wanted and we were lucky to find you to not only make our rings but also rings for my two stepdaughters, who knew nothing about their rings until we were married at one of our local metro parks. It's very possible that I shed more tears than anyone, overwhelmed by the love I felt for my new family. It's been a little over a year now and I think I'm adjusting to all of my girls quite well. You will have to check with them to get their opinion though.

About four years ago my (now) husband and I were looking for wedding bands that were “unique.” We did not want the same thing that everyone else had and we also wanted something that was within our budget. As providence would have it, I came across Todd Alan’s site one day and knew I had found what we were looking for.

Little did I know, however, what all our special wedding bands would come to symbolize. When I look at my ring and his I see the uniqueness of two individuals. We each chose slightly different, but complementary, designs. While God united us as one, we are each still a very distinct person created in His image and with our own backgrounds and temperaments trying to merge into that idea of “one.” I find it very symbolic of our personalities that we chose different ring styles, rather than the traditional matching bands that most couples prefer. We each bring our own special “ingredients” to this marriage.

When I see the twisted strands of our bands I also think of the discordance that goes along with uniting two people under one roof. There are arguments, hurt feelings and plain, downright selfish moments that must be endured. But through that tangled mess of emotions, not unlike the intertwined weave of wires of our rings, we always re-unite and persevere in our love. The twisted strands on our bands show that marriage isn’t always an easy path, but we can always come full circle and stay on a never-ending journey together.

We love our wedding bands and all that they symbolize, but most importantly, we love each other and are committed to “til death do us part.” And when our day comes to join the Lord, we hope our son will understand the significance of our wedding bands and treasure them as much as we do. May everyone’s marriage be as blessed as ours!

Roberto & Lisa



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