White Gold Wedding Rings

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Welcome to our braided white gold wedding bands gallery. Here are the different braids we offer in 14k palladium true white gold. Used mostly by artists and very fine jewelers our 14k palladium white gold is a very strong white gold with a platinum like true white color. We can make any of the braided rings in our collection in white gold. Each wedding band is available in different thicknesses.


cordofthreewhiterCord of Three with Rope

cordofthreewhitegoldringCord of Three with Outer Bands

whitegold14keightstranddoubleweaveropecenterring8 Strand Double Weave with Rope

whitegold14keightstranddoubleweaveouterbandring8 Strand Double with Outer Bands

whitegold14ktenstrandopenweaveropecenterring10 Strand Closed Weave with Rope

specialbraidtwostrand14kwhitegoldringTwist Ring